solar dermatitis

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so·lar der·ma·ti·tis

a dermatitis in people with acutely photosensitive skin, caused by exposure to the sun's rays.
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chronic actinic dermatitis

A photosensitive dermopathy that occurs in all races, which primarily affects elderly men, and may be linked to endogenous eczema, photoallergic or allergic contact dermatitis, drug photosensitivity, polymorphic light eruption or, rarely, HIV infection.

Chronic actinic dermatitis, key features
• Reduction in the minimal erythema dose to UVA, UVB and/or visible light;
• Persistent eczematous eruption that predominantly affects sun-exposed skin, but which may extend to covered areas;
• Histopathologic changes consistent with chronic eczema ± cutaneous lymphoma-like changes.
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solar dermatitis

Any skin disorder caused by exposure to the sun, other than sunburn. Some forms of solar dermatitis are precancerous.
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