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Richard H., U.S. physician, 1813-1892. See: Day test.


Richard L., U.S. pediatrician, 1905-1989. See: Riley-Day syndrome.
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Vox populi A 24-hr period. See NDA day, Personal day, Unhealthful day, Unhealthy day.
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Q. Do you have ADHD from the day you are born? If so, what is the minimum age to test for ADHD?

A. yup, you have ADHD the day you are born. you can do a diagnose from the age of 5-6. but it's not an easy diagnosis and it needs a team of professionals to do it.

Q. why do Alternativ treatments are so popular now days?

A. In many chronic problems, mainly pain syndromes, the solutions the conventional medicine offers are not satisfying, so people turn to alternative medicine in search of a remedy. "Natural" products are considered safe compared to the "chemicals" of the conventional medications. Sometimes the alternative therapist is regarding the patient in a more holistic and empathic way than a conventional (usually over-worked) doctor. Many people try alt medicine as "if it won't work, it will do no harm" etc.

Q. how many calories should i eat per day i weigh 220 and am 5 feet 1 inch how many calories should i eat per day

A. if your aim is to loose weight, here is a site with a calorie calculator-

and here some advises on what to eat as a diabetic-

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However, the temperature of the inside wall has little change during the whole solar day when the thermal conductivity of PCM is as low as 0.1 W/(m x k).
It is synchronized with the solar day through a process called entrainment.
There are two reasons for variation of a solar day length throughout the year.
* Solar day (24 hours = 1440 min), the period of daily rotation of the terrestrial observer together with the Earth with respect to the Sun;
Later observations by VLBI nevertheless revealed that the core's flattening is slightly larger (by about 4 per cent), leading to RFCN period of about 430 solar days. The value 430.21 was chosen to calculate the recently adopted model of nutation IAU2000 (Mathews et al., 2002, further referred to as MHB).
Gorthala, "Method and apparatus for a passive solar day lighting system," US Patent 6,299,317B1, 2001.
Scientists have found that earth is taking a longer time to complete one day or technically a solar day. So they decided to add an extra second or leap second to compensate for the earth's slow rotation.
An extra second, or "leap" second, will be added at midnight to account for the fact that it is taking Earth longer and longer to complete one full turn-a day-or, technically, a solar day.
The 20 per cent balance includes grey water recycling, photovoltaic power generation, solar day lighting harvesting via fiber optics or solar air-conditioning require government incentives as it is better to support these technologies in lieu of subsidising electric power as it is currently happen," he said.
The human circadian clock operates on a period about 20 minutes longer than one day, which must be synchronized according to the light-dark cycle of the solar day, due to which someone whose clock runs faster than a solar day must delay it on a daily basis, and vice versa.