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a program written in a computer language telling a computer to perform a given task.
database access software programs that make it easier to use regular online systems by providing an interface between the user and these systems. This interface can translate a search statement into the command language of the system, and sometimes provide automatic dialing, access, and so on. Called also front end or gateway software.
front end software (gateway software) database access software.
menu driven software software aided by a menu of choices for commands and formats to be selected by the user.
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The program or instructions for a computer.
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Computer programs, procedures, rules and any associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a system.
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Informatics A sequence of programmed instructions used to operate a computer and perform specific tasks Examples Assemblers, compilers, programs, programming languages, routines, translators, and documentation; PC software includes word processors, databases, spreadsheets, graphics, desktop publishers. See Computer, Speech recognition software, Tunneling software. Cf Hardware.
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Patient discussion about software

Q. I'm having problem remembering how to operate a computer software. Is learning possible only at a young age? I have been trying to learn a new software program that my kids got me but I keep forgetting how to get it started. Is learning possible only at a young age?

A. This is a common concern among older adults. However the answer is actually- not at all. People can learn throughout their life span. In fact, it is important to continue and learn new skills as we age. Learning new skills, like new games, new dances, and a new language, and playing a musical instrument, help keep our mind sharp longer. With age, we may be slower to pick up new information. However, the ability to learn does not go away unless we are inflicted with dementia. It may require more effort but you can continue to learn.

Q. I am looking for an Enterprise-wide Hospital Management Software to run a tertiary level of care Hospital. The software should be an ERP taking into account all the hospital's operation from reception to admission, tranfer, to discharge, including facility management, account department operations to house keeping and Human Resources Management

A. Not really my field, but googling would give you plenty of results, and this one ( might be a good place to start your search.

Also, here ( you can find a list of open source healthcare software you may find usefull.


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To the extent the original contract says nothing about electronic delivery of software, a contract addendum showing the taxpayer's intent to deliver software electronically can help show that electronically provided software is taxable, except when it is sold in connection with the sale of hardware, or if the software is also conveyed by tangible means.
Since the earliest use of computers, all the rigidity of process and formalized methods that the military systems engineers could muster have been applied to software projects, making them extremely rigid and well documented (e.g., DoD Standard-1467 and MIL-STD-2168).
The emerging category of continuous data protection (CDP) software may be the first sign that backup software is ready to evolve.
While there is a Lot of great planning software available, my cabal of marketing experts avoided software such as Marketing Plan Pro from Pale Alto Software that can sometimes be unduly regimented with their "fill in the blanks" approach to plan creation.
The notion that bugs in the software are unavoidable is mistaken as far as I am concerned." As a mechanical engineer Wolfsried believes any tolerance for defects is misconceived, and opens the way to careless and even negligent work on the part of the software designers.
A leading provider of Long-Term Care Solutions for nearly 30 years, ADL designs and implements seamlessly integrated Administrative, Census, Financial, and Clinical software. With a portfolio of more than 40 modules, ADL's innovative solutions help facilities improve quality of care, productivity, and financial performance.
"Clearly, the amount of revenue vendors are losing to pirated software, bootlegged software and out-and-out non-compliance by users is in the billions [of dollars] worldwide," says Laura DiDio, senior analyst at the Yankee Group, headquartered in Boston.
Although free software can generate income for local programmers needed to constantly update and customize it, its critics say that very process would create many incompatible versions.
The interactive software is promoted as a desktop manager for home buyers, giving them an Internet portal to professionals and project management of their home-building project.
The software American Compressed Steel in Kansas City, Mo., uses is a package from Shared Logic a software provider based in Holland, Ohio.
Back in 2000, a Defense Science Board task force found that DoD software development needed more rigor, and it made several recommendations to re-establish disciplined execution in software procurement.
Exhibitor Listings Includes temperature, pressure, and position sensors and controls; process and production monitoring systems; and manufacturing software. New developments appear in boldface type.

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