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softening of a part or tissue related to a disease or other abnormal condition.
tracheal malacia tracheomalacia.
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The process of becoming soft. Synonym: malacia

softening of bones


softening of brain

See: encephalomalacia

white softening

The stage of softening of tissue in which the affected area has become white and anemic.
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Developing smart cities and policies for installation of water softening systems is increasing the adoption of this system and thus, contributing to the growing market size of water softening systems.
For the first time, this principle, with sensor life independent of the measuring cycles and lacking indicator means, enables continuous monitoring of water softening systems under economically effective conditions.
As shown in Figure 3, when the plastic shear strain increment of the peak plastic zone increases to a particular value, the rock mass will reach the maximum peak plastic state in which the softening zone is just not arisen.
Thus, despite the evidence for highly breathy voice in Sheen's softened words, it seems that the softening effect on the segmental level is more complex.
Then again, much of the softening that has happened to date has been at the premium end of the residential space, with properties on Shaikh Zayed Road (down 7 per cent), Palm (6 per cent) and Jumeirah Beach Residences (7 per cent).
"There is a fall in order softening of crude and metal prices hit trade booking for coming months particularly from buyers in the Middle East, Africa and Latin American countries," said Ajay Sahai, a senior executive at the FIEO, warning that exporters could be forced to lay off workers if sales orders continued to decline over the next four to five months.
All samples were subjected to cyclic loading-unloading conditions to obtain softening and permanent set effects as shown in Figure 1.
The fourth quarter is expected to show the usual seasonal improvement, although GKN warned that softening markets are expected to have some impact on the performance.
NEW DELHI -- Food inflation eased to its lowest since February 2009 on the back of a softening in prices of pulses, milk, eggs, meat and fish, but analysts say risks still persist that will maintain the pressure on prices.
Slather on its exfoliating and softening Foot Patrol cream (pounds 18.40) and then pop on the Softening Socks (pounds 36.80) and put your feet up.
Other sporadic disorders that affect the fruit quality have not yet been studied, such as the early softening of the fruit flesh.