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softening of a part or tissue related to a disease or other abnormal condition.
tracheal malacia tracheomalacia.


/sof·ten·ing/ (sof´en-ing) malacia.


The process of becoming soft. Synonym: malacia

softening of bones


softening of brain

See: encephalomalacia

white softening

The stage of softening of tissue in which the affected area has become white and anemic.


a change of consistency, with loss of firmness or hardness.
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To use like fresh pears, soften by method 2 or 3 (steam 1 to 2 minutes).
Let strawberry sherbet or raspberry sorbet soften 5 minutes on counter.
Dawn Ladny, a resident who supports building a plant to soften water for the entire city, said living in Fillmore without a water softener is not an option to many people.
This lotion contains vitamin A and E to hydrate and soften skin while protecting with valuable antioxidants.
As the compost rots, it will gradually soften the soil below.
To assemble terrine, soften ice cream slightly to a smooth, creamy consistency (do not let melt or get too soft).
The stable outlook for 2006 contemplates that the favorable automobile frequency and severity trends will not dramatically deteriorate, while rates will only modestly soften.
Add bourbon and allow mixture to soften, stirring once or twice, about 2 minutes.
E[acute accent]While the housing market is expected to soften in 2006, the home improvement retail sector should remain steady over the near term.
The trail of slime our shelled friends leave softens wrinkles, smoothes skin and is fantastic for scar reduction apparently.
The SR2 element softens incoming water and retains low molecular weight organics, while allowing monovalent salts to pass through the membrane.