soft tissue therapy

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soft tis·sue ther·a·py

(sawft tish'ū thār'ă-pē)
Manual therapy that affects the soft tissues of the body (e.g., muscle, fascia).
Manual therapy that affects the soft tissues of the body (e.g., muscle, fascia).
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The PT included PROM in all 5 cases, soft tissue therapy in 4 cases, and laser therapy in 3 cases.
"NST is a soft tissue therapy that works on the tendons, ligaments and nerves."
A treatment plan was provided over 3-4 weeks with 1-2 visits per week and consisted of education, soft tissue therapy, thoracic and lumbar joint mobilizations, and rehabilitative exercises.
Each chapter contains information on assessment, diagnosis and treatment including soft tissue therapy, mobilization and rehabilitative exercises.
She had been treated with soft tissue therapy involving movement and instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy while at the camp, and was cleared to practice, with the provision she warmed up prior and stretched and iced following.
Treatment modalities consisted of high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy including Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.), rehabilitation exercises, and clinical acupuncture.
It was hypothesized that a large number of respondents would consider "soft tissue therapy" to be an acceptable component of a chiropractic treatment.
Lehman's future planned projects aim to determine the influence of various therapies (spine manipulation, stretching, soft tissue therapy) on the reflexive and feedforward timing responses of the cervical, lumbar and limb musculature.