soft sciences

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soft sciences,, slang term for the body of research that often uses more subjective and difficult-to-control measures and designs, such as psychology and the social sciences.
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Soft sciences teach students some important life skills of being intuitive, analytical, creative and empathetic.
Professor Howard Alper, distinguished professor of chemistry at the University of Ottawa and the Chair of the Science, Technology and Innovation Council (STIC) in Canada who attended this seminar, spoke exclusively to Education in the need to strike a balance and how both STEM and soft sciences were equally important in the development of an individual.
He said the program balances hard and soft sciences, merges research and development, sets up a system for adapting and learning; focuses the right type of science at the right level, and changes scientific culture and organization.
teacher, having a background in both the hard and soft sciences that helped prepare him for this adventure.
I find its broad vision of a unity of knowledge, a coming together of our understandings in the hard sciences, soft sciences, and humanities, to be compelling.
As a framework for illustrating the differences between the old and new ways of thinking, consider regression analysis, a popular technique used by both the hard and soft sciences to model worldly phenomena.
And the majority of the soft sciences, such as political science and economics, have "aped" the hard sciences and followed the same paradigm.
Abu Dhabi In addition to the development of hard sciences, sustainable development requires equal attention on the soft sciences and humanities, a leading development expert said in the capital yesterday.
Our alliance with WizeUp demonstrates our commitment to developing e-learning solutions for the higher education marketplace-in particular for the soft sciences," said Sandi Kirshner, President of Allyn & Bacon.