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Verifying relationship between fovea palatini, vibrating lines and junction between hard and soft palate.
Caption: Arrows in this CT scan point to a nasopharyngeal polyp on the top of a cat's soft palate.
All the masses were well circumscribed having thin capsule except those in soft palate.
Congenital unilateral cleft of the soft palate in six dogs.
When the soft palate is lowered, it approaches the root of the tongue and so narrows the sonorous tube; the tone resounds then equally in the nasal and oral cavities.
The length of the soft palate was evaluated by measuring the linear distance from the posterior nasal spine (PNS) to the tip of the uvula of the resting soft palate.
In this disease the soft palate in the back portion of the roof of the mouth is longer than normal.
Newer treatments involve injecting the soft palate with an agent which stiffens it, thereby reducing the vibrations.
She said the procedure involved inserting three pieces of plastic implants designed to stiffen into the soft palate near where it meets the hard palate in the mouth.
Examination of the oral cavity revealed a hemostatic, stellate puncture wound just to the left of the patient's midline at the junction of the hard and soft palate (Figure 1).
Sniffing is a precise motor skill that is controlled, in part, by the soft palate - the flexible divider that moves to direct air in or out through the mouth or nose.
Sobel was quoted by AFP news agency saying that the soft palate, the flexible driver that moves to direct air in and out through the mouth or nose is controlled by cranial nerves, which are well conserved after an injury.