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When she and her friends reached the room, they found that her son was being sodomised by the doctor.
The girl said that she was repeatedly raped under the influence of drug and the accused also sodomised her younger brothers.
Lynch has no opinion, but author Rick Bragg says US records indicate she was raped and sodomised before rescue from Nassiriya hospital in a US commando raid.
SIALKOT -- A married was raped after kidnapping while a teenage girl was kidnapped and two minor children were sodomised in separate incident occurred in different areas of Daska Tehsil on Saturday.
A TIHAR jail inmate was allegedly sodomised by fellow inmates after he was paraded naked inside the prison by some jail officials.
Then he sodomised me and filmed it on his mobile phone," the schoolboy told prosecutors.
According to the arraignment sheet of the Public Prosecution, the duo threatened the boy at sword point and assaulted him before they molested and sodomised him.
According to prosecution records, the chef allegedly molested the 17-year-old victim while his associate sodomised him.
A 13- YEAR- OLD boy who was allegedly drugged and sodomised along with his sister and brother by their cab driver for months has gone missing since Friday afternoon.
Dubai Prosecutors are questioning a 30-year-old man who allegedly sodomised and killed a five-year-old boy inside a mosque's washroom in Al Qusais during the first day of Eid Al Adha last Friday.