sodium tetradecyl sulfate

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so·di·um tet·ra·dec·yl sul·fate

an anionic surface-active agent used for its wetting properties to enhance the surface action of certain antiseptic solutions; also used as a sclerosing agent similar to morrhuate sodium in the treatment of varicose veins.
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Sacchidanand and Purohit5 treated 3 patients of pyogenic granuloma with sclerotherapy using sodium tetradecyl sulfate.
Patients of either sex 12-70 years of age, having pyogenic granuloma of less than 20 mm in size, with duration of disease of more than one month and having history of recurrent bleeding from the lesion on minor trauma were included in the study while exclusion criteria included previous anaphylaxis to sodium tetradecyl sulfate, history of asthma or migraine, pregnancy and lactation and any type of treatment taken over the last one month.
We have chosen sodium tetradecyl sulfate as it is an easily available effective sclerosant, which is well-tolerated and is without systemic side-effects.
Sodium tetradecyl sulfate is a synthetic surface-acting substance.
Pyogenic granuloma sclerotherapy sodium tetradecyl sulfate.
One study reported the use of sclerotherapy employing sodium tetradecyl sulfate as the sclerosant.