sodium taurocholate

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so·di·um tau·ro·cho·late

the sodium salt of taurocholic acid, extracted from the bile of carnivora; a cholagogue.
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The solubility studies were assessed following two methods: 1) the effect of pH and 2) the effect of concentrations of sodium taurocholate and lecithin.
In this study, retrograde cholangiopancreatography injection of sodium taurocholate was used to induce a rat model with AP complicated by LI, which is widely accepted by investigators of pancreatic diseases.
The rat SAP model was induced by 0.1 mL/min speed uniformly retrograde infusion of a freshly prepared 3.5% sodium taurocholate solution (Sigma-Aldrich, USA, 0.1mL/100g) into the biliopancreatic duct after laparotomy [21].
Caption: FIGURE 3: SEM images of HCPTNPs using sodium taurocholate as surfactants under different HP and amount conditions: (a) 0.5 mg, 600 bar; (b) 0.5 mg, 800 bar; (c) 0.5 mg, 1000 bar; (d) 2.5 mg, 600 bar; (e) 2.5 mg, 800 bar; (f) 2.5 mg, 1000 bar.
Kidron et al., "Experimental acute necrotising pancreatitis: evaluation and characterisation of a model of intraparenchymal injection of sodium taurocholate in rats," The European Journal of Surgery, vol.
Hypercholesteremia was induced by addition of 0.5 gm % cholesterol and 1.0 gm % sodium taurocholate to the standard (basal) commercial diet and daily feed consumption was recorded.
[32], SAP was induced by retrograde injection of 5% sodium taurocholate (1 ml/kg) into the main pancreatic duct through a microinjection pump at a speed of 0.1 ml/min.
In the deconjugation study, 2 mg/mL sodium taurocholate (TCA) and sodium glycocholate (GCA) (Calbiochem, Germany) were added into MRSc mediums separately.
Current bench-based, fluorometric enzyme assay protocols require 2 separate punches for measuring the activity of GAA and GLA, because the punch for Pompe assay is extracted in deionized water, whereas the punch for Fabry assay requires 1% sodium taurocholate. We formulated a single DBS extraction buffer for both assays and substantially modified the assays to accommodate this change.
difficile broth (CM0601; norfloxacin (CDMN, SR0173E; Oxoid), and 0.1% sodium taurocholate (Sigma-Aldrich, Inc., St.
The Pompe and Fabry enzyme activity assays described previously used CHAPS and sodium taurocholate, respectively (2).