sodium stearate

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so·di·um ste·a·rate

stearic acid sodium salt, used as a pharmaceutical adjuvant in ointments, creams, and suppositories.
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Sodium stearate and sodium myristate were prepared by reacting dispersions of stearic acid and myristic acid with a sodium hydroxide solution (10 w/v%).
INGREDIENTS WT% Phase A Water 29.00 Propanediol 34.62 Magnolia officinalis bark extract 0.20 Oleth-20 3.00 Glycerin 19.00 Phase B % Sodium stearate 6.50 Phase C Asiatic centella extract H.GL-M.S.
Specifically, Material A is sodium stearate belonging to lubricating component, which is generally used for the synthesis of laundry soap and lubricant [33-36]; moreover, sodium stearate considerably reduces the wear of steel construction and hot water or alcohol dissolves it well [37].
Polymer emulsion is done by the process of emulsion polymerization in which the emulsification of a monomer is done in the presence of water and a surfactant, especially sodium stearate. The most common monomers used in the process of emulsion polymerization are styrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene, acrylate ester and methacrylate ester.
Preparation of stearate-[Mg.sub.3]Al LDH via replacement of nitrate ions in the LDH layers with stearate ions from sodium stearate. One gram of the dry powder Mg-Al LDH was mixed with 1.8388 gram of sodium stearate and then dissolved in one liter of distilled water.
A finely divided, free-flowing odorless powder, it is coated with tallow or food-grade vegetable (palm) based sodium stearate.
What common household product is a mixture of sodium stearate, oleate and palmitate?
In addition, Ti[O.sub.2] particle was also modified with sodium stearate and polyethylene glycol, lauryl sodium sulfate and triethanolamine, and sodium hexametaphosphate by Gang et al.
Sodium stearate was dispersed into deionized water at 80[degrees]C to reach different concentrations.
Table 1-basic properties of AG AG Properties of raw rubber Specific gravity at 23 [degrees] C 1.3 Mooney viscosity (ML1+10, 100 [degrees] C) 23 Color tone Milky white Standard ingredients (weight parts) Polymer 100 MAF carbon black 40 MT carbon black -- Perhexa 25B(3) 1.5 TAIC(4) 1.0 Sulfur -- Sodium stearate -- Potassium stearate -- Stearic acid 1.0 Naugard 445(5) 1.0 Highly active magnesium oxide -- Calcium hydroxide -- Standard curing conditions Press curing 170 [degrees] C x 10 min.
The present article describes the surface characteristics, based on contact angle measurements of a polymer matrix and a Ca[CO.sub.3] filler before and after pretreatment with sodium stearate and/or silane.