sodium levothyroxine

so·di·um le·vo·thy·rox·ine

Sodium salt of the natural isomer of thyroxine, a thyroid hormone. It is twice as effective as the racemic form. Used in the treatment of hypothyroidism in humans and animals, to treat lowered fertility in bulls, and to stimulate lactation in animals.
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She was treated with oral sodium levothyroxine 25g/day.
1% ointment and emollients and with oral sodium levothyroxine 25 g/day.
This produced a stock solution containing 125 [micro]mol/L (10 000 [micro]g/dL) sodium levothyroxine.
Varied concentrations of sodium levothyroxine added to normal human serum dialysate (see Materials and Methods) at concentrations of 39 to 309 nmol/L (3 to 24 [micro]g/ dL).
4] immunoassay (Table 1) and added sodium levothyroxine solution to the dialysate to match the concentration of total [T.
These calibrators and controls are manufactured using processed human serum as the solvent matrix together with commercially available sodium levothyroxine as the active ingredient in order to simulate patient serum samples.
Stability-indicating assay, dissolution, and content uniformity of sodium levothyroxine in tablets.
Sodium levothyroxine (for injection) was obtained in 500-[micro]g vials (Bedford Laboratories) and dissolved in 5 mL of sodium chloride, USP, 9 g/L (Abbott Laboratories).