sodium bromide

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so·di·um bro·mide

an obsolete hypnotic and sedative; occasionally used in epilepsy and other functional disorders of the nervous system.
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Sodium Bromide (NaBr) + Potassium Monopersulfate (KHSO5) + Hydrogen Ion (H+) [right arrow] Hypobromous Acid (HOBr) + Potassium Bisulfate (KHSO4)
Effective treatment of seborrheic dermatitis using a low dose, oral homeopathic medication consisting of potassium bromide, sodium bromide, nickel sulfate, and sodium chloride in a doubleblind, placebo-controlled study.
Within this segment, bromine-based products such as sodium bromide and hydantoins will register the fastest growth, due to their increasing replacement of chlorine in nonrecreational water treatment applications.
The process yields sodium bromide, which can be recycled for the chemical industry.
The system works by introducing sodium bromide into the water, where it disassociates into bromide ions.
It requires taking a blood sample, having the patient drink a glass of water containing sodium bromide ("tastes like seawater," says Van Loan), then taking another blood sample about 5 hours later.
Whether spurred by that, or just by his knowledge of chemistry, he decided to add some sodium bromide to the concoction as well.