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Relating to or containing soda or sodium.
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This index shows that there is no danger of sodicity in water drawn from the aquifer Soconusco, only use No.
Soil samples were analyzed (0-15 cm and 15-30 cm) to determine the salinity / sodicity level of the field (Table 2).
Bovine manure, elemental sulfur or calcium sulfate decreases the salinity and the sodicity of saline-sodic soils, with calcium sulfate and elemental sulfur showing better results.
Cations and anions should feed in Solsariego model, which is a procedure to predict salinity and sodicity levels of soil, assessing the irrigation water quality.
Thus we propose the substitution of CROSS for SAR in irrigation water quality guidelines as a generalization of sodicity hazard to include the relative deleterious impact on soil hydraulic properties of the four common cations.
As a matter of fact, both GW and TWW displayed similar characteristics: good physicochemical water quality for agricultural irrigation, on one hand with low sodicity hazard and moderate salinity hazard (C2S1) (USSL Staff, 1954) and on the other hand, with moderate sodicity hazard and low salinity hazard (C1S2) (Ayers & Westcot, FAO 1985).
Chapters 3, The nutrition of grapevines, Chapter 4, Where the vine roots live, and Chapter 5, The living soil, describe how the expression of soil variability through nutrient supply, soil structure, aeration, drainage, soil strength, water supply, salinity, sodicity and soil biology can be recognized.
Irrigation causes degradation of agro-ecosystems when it results in increasing salinity, sodicity, and water-logging which ultimately reduces the fertility level of soils.
Effect of various sodicity levels on growth parameters of Acacia ampliceps.