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Relating to or containing soda or sodium.
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Combined, these four projects have given SODIC circa EGP 70bn of inventory expected to be sold over the coming 10 years.
Sherif said: "At Sodic, our CSR initiatives focusing on education and rehabilitation, impact the lives of over 7,000 families every year.
The Flamingo solution deployed at Sodic West will answer clients' expectations by offering a high-quality TV experience.
Based on the Australian Soil Classification (Isbell and National Committee on Soils and Terrain 2016), the soils were classified as Epihypersodic-Endoacidic, Crusty, Black Vertosols, as Sodic Epiaquerts in Soil Taxonomy (Soil Survey Staff 2014) and as Sodic, Pellic Vertisols (Gilgaic, Hyposulfidic Gleyic) using the World Reference Base (IUSS Working Group WRB 2014) (see Supplementary Material S2 for profile description and classification).
private equity firm Ripplewood acquired a near 10 percent stake in SODIC , in anticipation of an economic recovery following three years of upheaval.
Widely quoted, managing director at SODIC, Ahmed Badrawi, highlighted the firm's dilemma, explaining that while their current land allocation
He explained that SODIC had enough land to plan developments only for the next two to three years because the government had not handed out any significant new tracts in the past two to three years.
They thought it might be possible to use the spent wastewater for irrigating salt-tolerant forage grown on marginally productive saline and sodic soils.
The extension comes after SODIC, the country's third-biggest listed developer, reached an agreement with the authorities last March to develop projects on its land bank in West Cairo within three years.
Best management practices for saline and sodic turfgrass soils; assessment and reclamation.
Egypt's third-biggest listed developer SODIC posted a first-quarter net loss of 16.
Summary: Firms risk losing more land, paying higher compensation; Strong balance sheets key through crisis; Analysts favour SODIC, Amer, smaller property firms; Cairo commercial property looks relatively strong