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white mark on the feet. In horses this means from the coronet to halfway up the cannon. In dogs and cats, it is white from the paws up to the carpus or hock.

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Q. What's the thing with having diabetes and flights? I heard that I might have problems with my feet and I should buy special socks.

A. As above stated, diabetics are at increased risk for forming clots b/c of the damage to the blood vessel walls due to high glucose. This can cause narrowing in the arteries (vessels bringing blood to tissues) as well as increase your chance of a DVT. With regards to the socks, my guess is that you're talking about pressure socks which are common for people with varicose veins and venous insufficiency where blood doesn't return from the leg well. This stasis (non movement) of the blood makes it more likely for you to form a clot. The pressure stockings in turn prevent veins from dilating and allow more blood to return from the legs, keeping the blood moving and decreasing your chance for a clot. These stockings and raising your legs periodically are some of the best activities to decrease any pain from varicose veins or swelling in your legs from vessel problems. As you're sitting still in a flight, the lack of movement means there's less blood leaving your legs (as most blood in

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Other savings are directed at near-term goals, like buying a car or socking away money for next summer's vacation, the down payment on a house, or a child's education.
Incentives to save: The IRS continues to reward eligible taxpayers simply for socking away some of their own money.
The saving rate -- the per centage of disposable income households are socking away -- fell to 2.
He began socking away pennies, rolling them 50 at a time, patiently looking ahead to when he could haul them all to the bank to make that final payment.
Working hard as a professional or entrepreneur to increase your earning power and socking away enough money to build a nest egg will ensure that your golden years are bright and shiny.
The ability to escape debts -- such as monetary judgments in a civil court case -- by socking away millions in a Florida mansion will be limited.
As independent businesspeople, the artisans must pay rent and cover expenses before socking away profits to help them weather the slow winter months of January, February and March.
Cooper Smith, an English major at California State University, Northridge, knows how hard it is to save after she shells out $600 each month for her car payment, gas and other transit expenses - money she'd rather be socking away to start a small business.
And, for those that land that perfect job, when is the right time to start socking away money in the company 401k plan?
With income growth outpacing spending, the saving rate -- the per centage of disposable income households are socking away -- rose to 2.
Many area towns, including Uxbridge, Hudson and Douglas, are socking away money recently received in a nationwide class action suit against eight major oil companies over contamination blamed on the gasoline additive MTBE.