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(11.) Points in the sociogram are positioned in part on the basis of their subgroup membership, using the "scrunching" algorithm in Netdraw (Borgatti 2002).
In this sociogram, nodes are colour-coded according to sample stratum: red for the core sample, pink for direct neighbours based in Canada, light pink for indirect neighbours based in Canada, light green for foreign-based direct neighbours and dark green for foreign-based indirect neighbours.
A sociogram was constructed showing the strength of relationships between individuals using time spent in proximity of another lion (i.e., at body-length or nearer).
The sociogram in Figure 1 displays the position of the actors within the network and the relationships between the actors.
We use to construct a sociogram [5] that is a two-dimensional diagram for depicting the precedence relationships among performers.
In the sociogram itself, courts that are prolific, as either borrowers of other court's precedent or as sources of precedent for other courts, are located near the center, or core, of the network.
To investigate the social relations existing in the departments analysed, we opted for a sociometric technique (as a research method), which is "a set of mathematical and graphical techniques and procedures (test and sociometric table, target sociogram) " that allows the establishment of the group structure, formal and informal leaders' position, and the constellation of relationships between group members, as it appears at a time (Caramete, 2002, p.
The "know of" sociogram (Figure 5) is of particular interest to our potential strategic planning for network engineering.
Physician attribution by prominence was applied to the same physician sociogram seen in Figure 1.