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n. pl. socie·ties
a. The totality of people regarded as forming a community of interdependent individuals: working for the benefit of society.
b. A group of people broadly distinguished from other groups by mutual interests, participation in characteristic relationships, shared institutions, and a common culture: rural society; literary society.
2. An organization or association of persons engaged in a common profession, activity, or interest: a folklore society; a society of bird watchers.
3. The wealthy, socially dominant members of a community. Also called high society.
4. Companionship; company: enjoys the society of friends and family members.
5. Biology A colony or community of organisms, usually of the same species: an insect society.
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Patient discussion about society

Q. Why is it so hip to be thin and fit???? not everyone can be as thin and as fit as the society demands? was it always like that ? because i feel like if you are gaining a little extra pounds you are doomed !!! people condem you as a less better man in the good case .. in the worst case you won't have friends ....

A. i think that the in the biological way of thinking - people are attracted to what seems healthy, it has more chance of giving healthy child that will survive. in African cultures that food is scarce- being big considered to be healthy and attractive. in our culture- being over weight means unhealthy, but so is too skinny. so going back and forth with a few ponds is fine. but the two extreme situations are unattractive for most men.

Q. What do you think is the most serious nutritional issue facing us in an industrialized society today? I am very careful about taking care of my health. I never ever left my stomach empty. I always eat a nutritional diet. I am staying away from parents to support their financial needs. So I take more care with my health. If I am in good health then my family will be healthy. I often do a lot of research regarding my diet. I am very careful about that. If you are a dietician, please tell me what do you think is the most serious nutritional issue facing us in an industrialized society today?

A. PS...THE DYE IN FOOD....has been linked to cancer.

Q. Is this a malady if i am homosexual? because i feel sometimes very unhappy and outside the society... Some people would say - "oh yes", other could say: "i don't know, but i think this is not so common or normal", "homosexual? even the rats don't do it in the laboratories", "they should be exterminated", and so on. In fact we hear probably more bad stuff, than something else. My brother is homosexual and was very long depressive, because he could not tell it to our parents. Perhaps he is still depressive - a little bit from time to time. He lives with his partner. I do not pretend to have the key about it, nor the why nor the "how it comes". I share here with you what I have been taught some years ago. I can live with that. It makes for me sense. I know that many of you will not agree with it, but as long we have not a better explanation...

A. I've worked with different gay people, open and in the closet. I have nothing but good experiences with them. I have never had a talk with them regarding their bring up or how they discovered they were gay.

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In learning of He's experimentation and the birth of the world's first gene-edited humans, Feng Zhang, a researcher who helped develop the gene-editing CRISPR technology that He used, wrote: "In 2015, the international research community said it would be irresponsible to proceed with any germline editing without 'broad societal consensus about the appropriateness of the proposed application.'" Similarly, David Baltimore, the chair of the international summit, affirmed: "It would be irresponsible to proceed with any clinical use of germline editing unless and until the safety issues have been dealt with and there is broad societal consensus."
Measuring this sort of societal impact can be messy and hard to pin down.
Unluckily, sleaze, dynastic politics and inept governance are not problems that can be fixed simply; they are structural societal constraints whose removal requires major changes in the key societal traits listed here.
* building a research team of scientists and experts from the problem field (societal actors) who can provide the required knowledge;
He vowed to implement the recommendations and include it in the comprehensive national document following the end of the dialogue conference on October 10th in order to achieve national and societal peace.
The phrase 'societal progress' means that the proportion saying they got better off (call them Gainers) exceeds that saying they got worse off (call them Losers).
(TSE: 6501; "Hitachi") today announced the establishment of the "Hitachi Kyoto University Laboratory" ("the Laboratory"), a joint research division for exploring future societal issues, within the grounds of Kyoto University.
The study, The Economic and Societal Impact of Motor Vehicle Crashes, 2010, cites several major factors as contributing to costly roadway crashes that year, including drunk driving (accounting for 18 percent of the total economic loss), speeding (21 percent), and distracted driving (17 percent).
The societal innovation initiative aims at finding innovative and creative channels that ensure effective societal participation to further develop the national initiatives.
* This study tests the relationship between activities of societal marketing and firms' CSR legitimacy in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).
This volume presents and summarizes results from the ongoing Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness GLOBE research project, which began as a study of the interrelationships among societal culture, societal effectiveness, and societal leadership expectations, but for the purposes of this book is more narrowly tailored to focus on the behavior and effectiveness of executive leadership (chief executive officers and their top management teams) across 69 countries and 1000 corporations.

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