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If we observe socio-economic status of the youngsters regarding their political socialization, on three different aspects which are political awareness, political interest and political participation.
The present study addresses in a population-based sample the consensus on socialization values--the extent to which respondents of different ages from the two main social groups (ethnic Estonians and Russian-speaking respondents living in Estonia) agree or disagree about the importance of qualities to develop in children.
Organizational socialization is a dynamic development process through which individuals learn to adopt the member role in an organization (Feldman, 1976).
self-restriction, preservation of traditional practices, and protection of stability) as the most important in their lives as well as in their sons' and daughters' socialization (Barni, 2009).
In this context, the purpose of this study is to review the related literature on teacher socialization with special reference to the socializing influences pertaining to classroom teaching and management and the students.
In relation to the factors attained by the instrument, Factor I assesses Socialization and adjectives are affable, sociable, docile, nice, generous, romantic, gentle, kind, understandable, friendly, cold, kind, passionate, friendly, sentimental, and delicate, making a total of 16 items in this subscale.
H1 : Institutionalized socialization tactics will be positively related to (a) organizational affective commitment (b) organizational normative commitment, (c) job satisfaction, and (d) organizational identification and relatively related to (e) intention to quit.
This applies to those who have proper socialization and those that don't.
One of the hallmarks of the socialization experience is the student-faculty exchange.
This section focuses on those features that are relevant to framing the role of parents in the financial socialization process and understanding the importance of parental involvement in youth financial literacy programs.
The bill wants to improve the legislation of Kazakhstan in the sphere of formation of an effective model of state youth policy aimed at the successful socialization of youth and direction of its potential for further development of the country.