social worker

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pertaining to societies or other groups of people.
social anxiety disorder social phobia.
social breakdown syndrome deterioration of social and interpersonal skills, work habits, and behavior seen in chronically hospitalized psychiatric patients. Symptoms are due to the effects of long term hospitalization rather than the primary illness, and include excessive passivity, assumption of the chronic sick role, withdrawal, and apathy. Such effects are also seen in long term inmates of prisons or concentration camps. Called also institutionalism.
social worker a professional trained in the treatment of psychosocial problems of patients and their families. Family social workers practice social case work. Psychiatric social workers practice various forms of counseling and group or individual psychotherapy. Most social workers have a master's degree in social work (M.S.W.). There are also bachelor's (B.S.W.) and doctoral (D.S.W.) degrees in social work.


an employed person.
social worker a professional trained in the treatment of psychosocial problems of patients and their families; see also social worker.

social worker

a person with advanced education in dealing with social, emotional, and environmental problems associated with an illness or disability. A medical social worker usually has completed a master's degree program that includes experience in counseling patients and their families in a hospital setting. A psychiatric social worker may specialize in counseling individuals and families in dealing with social, emotional, or environmental problems pertaining to mental illness.

social worker

A professional, usually with a bachelor's or master's degree in social work, who provides counsel, aid, and other services to persons with domestic issues
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However, recruiting just 100 won't fix the national recruitment problem there is in social work, what's needed is real reform in how social workers are recruited, trained and retained.
We are just scraping the surface when it comes to corporate social workers.
Social workers should forget their egos that dictate they know better than anyone else as to whether a child is in danger.
Because social workers typically compete with allied professions for the same jobs, given an overlap with the types of clients served and services provided, NASW launched a public awareness campaign in mid-2000 called the National Social Work Public Education Campaign to increase public understanding of the social work profession and improve employment opportunities and remuneration for professional social workers (NASW, 2005).
Blair House will continue to provide CEU courses for social workers in Macon.
According to the plan, social service-oriented communities and government organizations should first consider qualified social workers when recruiting staff.
The head of the social workers, association, Ari Bekir, says social workers are not bound to do anything out of their responsibility.
Others social workers are pocketing as much as EUR200,000 from their former employer at a time when services are being slashed.
The Social Work Week highlights the role of social workers and the valuable efforts they have extended for the benefit of the community," Social Services department director Suad al-Hamad said.
The proposal to remove social workers and occupational therapists from the Better Access initiative will reduce treatment options for people with mental health conditions, particularly those on low incomes and those in rural and regional Australia.
I did not even understand anything of what the sponsor or the social worker said.
The research also found there were more than 2,700 social worker vacancies in England.

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