social therapy

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so·cial ther·a·py

a psychiatric rehabilitative therapy to improve a patient's social functioning.
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"The school is inviting amazing artists from Italy, U.K., France, the U.S., and Lebanon to give the courses," she added, "digging deep into the world of clowning and buffooning, exploring physical theater, masks, puppets and storytelling, in a social therapy and participatory art aspect."
Additionally, the foundation awards grants to organizations that are committed to diagnostic testing, education, mammography screenings and social therapy.
The CEIMC provides behavioural therapy, social therapy, communication and academics to support inclusion of children with developmental delays in mainstream schools and nurseries.
He does not consider the hold that technological, therapeutic, and materialist thinking and manipulative social therapy have on the imaginations of modern people.
Later we added social therapy at Heartspring to the list to prepare for middle school.
It is a social therapy. The death penalty doesn't aim to reform a dead criminal.
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You might attribute this to my work in social therapy under Frecla Rosen, who was an important thought leader for many people about the social, racial, economic positions that inform groups of people and how they negotiate difference.
Techniques include systems-centered therapy, vocational fantasy, changing core beliefs, psychodynamic uncovering technique, hypnotically enhanced interactive cognitive rehearsal, making the client the counselor, art and voice therapy, reality therapy and choice theory, using stories, memory work with children, dereflection for depression, relationship-centered counseling, assessment, social therapy, olfactory conditioning, screening personality disorders, bibliotherapy, and rational emotive imagery.
Many of these patients could benefit from some form of psychotherapy or social therapy and programs like cardiac rehab."
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