social services

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so·cial ser·vi·ces

(sō'shĕl sĕr'vi-sĕz)
An agency or department that provides support and assistance to a client in resolving social issues (e.g., finances, health insurance, lodging, and employment).
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intensifying communication between purchasers and providers of social services.
The resolution also defined social services beneficiary to include senior citizens, people with special needs, victims of domestic violence, juveniles, delinquents, underprivileged and foundlings.
An expert in child protection, David Niven, former chairman of the British Association of Social Services, said there needed to be an inquiry to establish what exactly happened between social services and the police, and to see if lessons could be learned.
Backed by the Committee of the Regions, the European Parliament has adopted several non-binding resolutions calling for the specificities of social services of general interest to be recognised.
This is why the National Social Services Partnership Forum is going to be one of many an important element in making these changes happen.
Therefore a re-trial should be sought with not only the parents given life for killing Khyra but social services should be put on trial also for their failings and neglect of their duty to children like Khyra.
The session covered the methods used in the provision of social services, which includes working with individuals, groups and society, in addition to working towards community and human development.
The CDA will work on setting up the necessary policies and standards pertaining to social services providers based on its five strategic goals including promotion of national identity, social protection, social inclusion, social empowerment, and social cohesion in Dubai.
When Towey announced his departure, Bush lauded him, noting that 11 federal departments and agencies now have regulations that make it easier for religious groups to win federal social service grants.
But where Symons, 39, and Rogers, 40, found help adopting their two sons might be the most controversial part of their story--the social service agency of the Roman Catholic Church.
This mix is very welcome as it reinforces the notion that theoretical discussions on social service delivery should not be divorced from practical experiences on the ground with provision of social service to the HIV infected.
Social services had been under government monitoring for five years after inspectors who visited in 1998 found a catalogue of shortcomings.

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