social organization

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social organization

the establishment amongst a group or colony of animals of set behaviour patterns.


pertaining to living in a community.

social behavior
behavior of an animal to others in its social group of herd, flock, neighbors. See also social behavior.
social benefits
the benefits to a community that cannot be measured by material values, better social justice, freedom from fear, improvement in educational facilities. The fundamental parameter in a cost-benefit analysis.
social costs
the costs incurred by society as a whole rather than by individuals. Used in the estimation of benefit-cost analysis.
social distance
average distance between animals in a community. An expression of the concentration of the animals in the environment.
social dominance heirarchy
social order.
social order
the ranking in which a group of animals establishes itself with the most dominant one in the number one position and the most retiring one in the last position. The order is maintained unless new animals are introduced.
social organization
an aggregation of individual animals into an integrated group based on the interdependence of the animals and their responses to each other.
social stress
thought to be a common cause of illness in domestic pets and to a less extent in pigs, e.g. in esophagogastric ulcer.
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Organizations on the path to becoming social organizations fail because they focus exclusively on social media as technologies, rather than as important tools for implementing the company's organizational strategy.
The process by which social organization diminished was not only more rapid and continuous than Wilson suggests, but also more complex.
To avoid these problems, hypotheses are proposed here that connect norms with social organization, mostly about cross-boundary communities.
As a social organization espousing a cmoon goal with people who have disabilities, a mutual help group can play an important role in the rehabilitation process and in helping the individual cope with the social and personal impact of disability.
P4, the synthesis, will draw from each of these sub-projects to present a comparative study of the Second Temple and contemporary Babylonian models of cultic and social organization, and to propose a strategy of research into the possible routes of transmission between Babylonia and Jerusalem.
Examples of social organizations that understand the value of customer engagement via community strategies and discipline
On one hand, Hoerder's knowledge of migration and migration theory leads him to insist on the meso-level of social organization and the economics of migration, on migration systems, human contacts, regional economies, and families.
social organization of Californians that includes lawmakers, lobbyists and others with ties to the state.
Focus on the links joining cultural creativity, economic activity and, to a lesser extent, social organization -- politics is more evoked than prese nt in most chapters -- provides the common ground for comparative exploration within a metropolitan triangle that, along with Paris, arguably constituted the dynamic center of European culture during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
As we would expect, Charles writes that the human person is the end and purpose of every social organization, and that God's law requires respect for human rights.
It has an internal social organization, social networks of influence and communication, and it has dynamic relationships to many other occupations.