social intelligence

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so·cial in·tel·li·gence

the capacity to understand and manage one's human relations and social affairs.
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Working in partnership with industry-leading social intelligence analytics firm Engagement Labs, TotalSocial is Kantar's premier data and analytics platform providing brands with insights that inform their business strategy, improve marketing ROI and grow revenue.
We've had good start there are things Join the Quentin Powell joins the team as a social intelligence manager following previous positions as a social insights manager at 360i and a brand strategist at True North.
Synthesio has developed its Social Intelligence Suite with two acquisitions, Social Karma and Bunkr, new solutions and industry events.
Synopsis: Through her Eponaquest Worldwide, established to explore the healing potential of working with horses, Linda Kohanov teaches internationally on subjects including leadership, social intelligence, and stress reduction.
social intelligence, capturing stakeholder feedback and promoting
The study aimed to investigate the relationship between attachment styles, emotional intelligence and social intelligence among conveniently selected 340 university students (155 male and 225 female).
When teachers have good interpersonal relationships this enhances their social intelligence in the classroom.
There aren't exams to measure social intelligence though.
"Yet, today, researchers routinely report in the most prestigious journals claims that human children, even as young as 12 months of age, are inherently superior in social intelligence - the skilled negotiation of social interactions - to our nearest living relatives, the great apes," the researchers say.
Our knowledge of the social intelligence of primates often suffers from prejudices and is the result of false science.
"We're excited to share how Zoomph has revolutionized social listening and analytics though real-time audience segmentation providing marketers intelligence through targeted activations in one seamless platform to make better and smarter decisions, and empower the rest of their organization with social intelligence."
Social intelligence also has received a great deal of attention in the recent literature.

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