social intelligence

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so·cial in·tel·li·gence

the capacity to understand and manage one's human relations and social affairs.
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Telecoms brands have been quick to improve responsiveness and lower call center costs by implementing robust social customer service programs, but they've yet to fully realize the potential for social intelligence to support other parts of their businesses," said Alberto Ares, telecommunications sector lead at Brandwatch.
The company also plans to invest heavily in strategic partnerships with other best-of-breed products to offer customers integrated social intelligence solutions.
Social Intelligence has been providing online, data-driven risk analytics since the launch of its first product--a social media background check and monitoring solution for employers--in 2010.
Synthesio, named the leader in a 2014 report looking at global Social Intelligence platforms.
Our partnership with TIBCO greatly enhances what is possible,, as it enables BrandON to have access to excellent Business Intelligence tools which are complemented with BrandON Social Intelligence.
Social intelligence does not mean being an extrovert (in fact introverts many times have higher levels of SI).
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry News) Fri, Feb 21, 2014 - Social intelligence will continue to influence companies' marketing, customer-feedback and performance-evaluation practices in the years ahead, predicts social intelligence company newBrandAnalytics.
In this book for students in advanced degree programs in nursing and healthcare education, Ondrejka (nursing, Colorado Christian University) offers an overview of the Emotional and Social Intelligence movement and presents the theory, research, models, and practice of affective teaching in nursing.
London, Sept 16 ( ANI ): Even though academic skills are a prerequisite for good job, experts believe that manners, social intelligence, personal presentation and impact can be as important for an employee.
Iconoclastic brains differ in the functions of perception, fear response, social intelligence, and the circuits that implement them.
He and his colleagues tested the social intelligence of six species of lemur, primates from Madagascar distantly related to monkeys and apes.
Sahar Moussly, an author and master behavioural coach and instructor, will hold an introductory Emotional and Social Intelligence (EQ) workshop at the Authenticity Centre, Dubai, on June 29 to debunk misconceptions about people who have high IQ and EQ and how they cope with life.

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