herd instinct

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a complex of unlearned responses characteristic of a species. adj., adj instinc´tive.
death instinct Freud's concept of an unconscious drive toward dissolution and death, in opposition to the life instinct.
herd instinct the instinct or urge to be one of a group and to conform to its standards of conduct and opinion.
life instinct Freud's concept of all the constructive tendencies of the organism aimed at maintenance and perpetuation of the individual and species, in opposition to the death instinct.

herd in·stinct

tendency or inclination to band together with and share the customs of others of a group, and to conform to the opinions and adopt the views of the group.
Synonym(s): social instinct

herd in·stinct

(hĕrd in'stingkt)
Tendency or inclination to band together with and share the customs of others of a group, and to conform to the opinions and adopt the views of the group.
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These motives are what Darwin called social instincts, that evolved during our biological history.
The social instincts, which no doubt were acquired by man as by the lower animals for the good of the community, will from the first have given to him some wish to aid his fellows, some feeling of sympathy, and have compelled him to regard their approbation and disapprobation.
Darwin also recognized that the emergence of "social instincts," or cooperation, might be problematic under a framework of individualistic natural selection.
She is especially fascinated by the dilemma of a man's or, more frequently, a woman's choice between individual freedom and his or her social instincts; she strives toward harmony and ideal beauty, away from the vulgar masses, and yet she recognizes the strong ties that bind us to our fellow men.
But to argue in this way is not to compare like with like: to say that is not only to state a simple biological fact but to go with the grain of the deepest social instincts of the overwhelming majority of humankind.
In The Media Equation, authors Byron Reeves and Clifford Nass argue that our social instincts program us to treat even inanimate objects as human.
Jacobsen's first novel, Fru Marie Grubbe (1876), is a psychological study of a 17th-century woman whose natural instincts are stronger than her social instincts, resulting in her descent on the social scale from a viceroy's consort to the wife of a ferryman.
Correspondingly, for over a century past the family had to all appearances been growing ever sturdier and homier, "closer and more affectionate," substituting conjugal and parental companionship for the old patriarchal norms, indeed reconstituting itself in fact and fancy as an intimate, privatized "retreat from the outside world" with its "crucial base" in this "sentimental bond" among its members.(55) The literary trend to the very contrary was, then, like the flip side of public consciousness--a latent countertendency at odds with familial values fairly entrenched in Europe's social instincts and attitudes, and outwardly flourishing as never before.
THE banning of our St David and Royal Standard of Cymru is a gross injustice of the most basic of social instincts,pride of place.
"The moral sense follows, firstly, from the enduring and ever-present nature of the social instincts; secondly, from man's appreciation of the approbation and disapprobation of his fellows; and thirdly, from the high activity of his mental faculties, with past impressions extremely vivid; and in these latter respects he differs from the lower animals.
# SIR - The banning of our ``St David'' and ``Royal Standard of Cymru'' is a gross injustice of the most basic of social instincts, pride of place.
Peter Costello's biography, James Joyce: The Years of Growth, contained a diagram of Joyce's "genetic make-up." Horoscope columnist Rob Brezsny announced in "Real Astrology" (New York Press, August 1992) that she was "genetically coded" with impeccable social instincts. Martha Smith celebrated her "gardening genes" in Beds I Have Known: Confessions of a Passionate Amateur Gardener.

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