social drinker

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social drinker

A person who consumes alcoholic beverages in moderation (i.e., ≤ 2 standard drinks/day), often in a socially acceptable situation.
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social drinker

A person who consumes alcoholic beverages in moderation–ie, ≤ 2 'standard drinks'/day, often in a socially acceptable situation. See Alcohol. Cf Binge drinker, Problem drinker.
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Q. I am a social drinker and not an alcoholic. I am a social drinker and not an alcoholic. I had mild drink while being in college. I drink occasionally but get hit by these symptoms. Last night I only had rum & coke and a bottle of cider, and today I'm ill again. I mean, I know people get hangovers, but it seems like alcohol has a dramatic effect on my immune system.

A. Everyones system is different--YOUR body is telling you something?--maybe you shouldnt drink any more?----mrfoot56

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Even though the quantitative analyses lacked sufficient power, it seems as though specific messages are needed for abstainers, social drinkers, and high-risk drinkers, although more research is needed to confirm this finding.
The social drinkers had the lowest FREE concentrations in both liver and adipose tissue.
The social drinkers drank on only 3 of the 30 days before sampling, and when they drank, they consumed on average <1 drink/day.
So, while relaxing with the odd drink at home or with friends, the social drinker may be surprised to find there are three units of alcohol in a single large glass of white wine.
And she discovered the fine line between being a social drinker and a BD.
Mr Hughes said: "I'm told, and have no reason to doubt, that Mrs Duffy was a social drinker and was only seen worse for wear at Christmas.
Barnett, an acknowledged social drinker, said his plans were a response to Graves' call for more money for education.
The 66-year-old, from Tiverton, Devon, said he considered himself just a moderate social drinker - until he was rushed to hospital vomiting blood.
Toni Matthews, 26, was said to be a "social drinker".
WHAT THE EXPERT SAYS: Dr Blair: Craig's drink diary shows that he is generally a social drinker. He also drank to 'binge' levels on a least one day during the week, consuming 17 of his total 21drinks on one night out - a staggering 40 units of alcohol.
"I am now only a social drinker. I've also made some life changes.
I wouldn't call myself a binge drinker I would call myself a social drinker."