social drinker

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social drinker

A person who consumes alcoholic beverages in moderation (i.e., ≤ 2 standard drinks/day), often in a socially acceptable situation.

social drinker

A person who consumes alcoholic beverages in moderation–ie, ≤ 2 'standard drinks'/day, often in a socially acceptable situation. See Alcohol. Cf Binge drinker, Problem drinker.

Patient discussion about social drinker

Q. I am a social drinker and not an alcoholic. I am a social drinker and not an alcoholic. I had mild drink while being in college. I drink occasionally but get hit by these symptoms. Last night I only had rum & coke and a bottle of cider, and today I'm ill again. I mean, I know people get hangovers, but it seems like alcohol has a dramatic effect on my immune system.

A. Everyones system is different--YOUR body is telling you something?--maybe you shouldnt drink any more?----mrfoot56

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Even though the quantitative analyses lacked sufficient power, it seems as though specific messages are needed for abstainers, social drinkers, and high-risk drinkers, although more research is needed to confirm this finding.
The highest value for total FAEEs in liver for chronic alcoholics and for social drinkers was 5485 pmol/g, and the lowest value for the individuals with detectable blood ethanol at the time of autopsy, other than the one outlier, was 14 521 pmol/g.
The social drinkers drank on only 3 of the 30 days before sampling, and when they drank, they consumed on average <1 drink/day.
I was a social drinker and smoked over 20 cigarettes a day.
He was an occasional social drinker who, on his 53rd birthday, simply mistook the amount of alcohol he had drunk.
Not while "Ming" and the rest were happily colluding in the deception that he was no more than a social drinker.
It would punish the social drinker for the actions of a few.
Andrew Douglas, 39, told the hearing his dad was a social drinker who drank with friends and family perhaps twice a week, but was not a heavy drinker.
A social drinker can become an alcoholic, but an alcoholic can never become a social drinker.
I'd just gone through the motions because I believed I could still just be a social drinker again, but I was wrong.
Although Maria was a heavy social drinker and probably no worse than most of today's young partygoers, she says that things had gone too far.