social disease

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social disease

1. A sexually transmitted disease.
2. A disease having its highest incidence among socioeconomic groups predisposed to it by a given set of adverse living or working conditions.

'social disease'

A euphemism for a sexually-transmitted disease, see there.

Patient discussion about social disease

Q. Was this true Asperger's syndrome, or a social anxiety disorder? I've been told multiple times by multiple people (though none of them doctors) that I probably have Ausperger's syndrome, or at least suffered from it through most of my childhood. I have struggled socially a GREAT deal, and have overcome many things, though I still am socially awkward and easily confused in social situations. Conversely, I am a secretary and receptionist by trade, and seem to have most people 'fooled' when I have medication for my diagnosed medical condition. Was this true Asperger's syndrome, or a social anxiety disorder?

A. Well, I like to share my experience from which you find an answer. My 19 year old brother has AS, and I would not say he is at all retarded, although once people get to know him they assume that he is. His intellectual/IQ level isn't any lower than the "normal", but he definitely struggles socially, always has, always will. Hell, so do I... and I wouldn't be surprised if I have a touch of AS myself. Anyhow he is able to work, pay bills, follow commitments through, etc., He's actually very responsible…can't say that for many "normal" folk. His main quirk is that he really fixates on things...for example if his favorite TV show is "Lost", he'll talk about it and run it into the ground until he makes you absolutely hate it from overkill. Other than that he's not much different from the rest of us.

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Underlining need of active role of media and civil society, she said that the social disease is to be fought at all levels including individual, parental, community, societal, administrative, legal and educational.
Only 28 doctors knew that leprosy in addition to Hansen's disease is also known as social disease.
In Europe, the heartland of football, football hooliganism had been a social disease over the past four decades; but efforts by both the federations and the football clubs have succeeded to a great extent in curbing this violence, through the wise management of matches and efficient crowd control,.
He enlisted departmental hygiene directors to enact legislative measures and create grass root organisations which could, "gather the resources and start this most important campaign against such a terrible social disease.
Readers riding along can enjoy vicarious peccadillos without the risk of contracting a social disease.
She congratulated the United Nations Association of Pakistan for organising the awareness program, and said that the social disease is to be fought at all levels - individual, parental, community, societal, administrative, legal and educational.
At the same time, Polish's performance is pretty one-note, as is that of Hilary Duff as the high school hottie who seems intent on providing Henry with both a social disease and a long prison sentence.
If the answer to the final question is no then consider yourself safe from the latest social disease to blight or lives - or should that be "anti-social"?
He said: "That's the nature of football nowadays - it's like a social disease.
The grotesquely unequal access to lifesaving drugs and medical care has made death a social disease.
Aa Racism is a nasty and insidious social disease that must be eradicated and as a young and up and coming city, Dubai should act now.
TB is really a social disease with medical aspects, but you cannot treat TB with a medical model only.