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Shortness of breath. See Dyspnea.
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As much as death brings the always sought quietness, yet it frightens me," she sobbingly explained.
The old lady's daughter hurried to the police station and sobbingly told police that she took her mother out to buy dinner on Tuesday night, but in a blink of an eye she lost her mother in the crowd, and couldn't find her after walking the streets back and forth, the report said.
As you are drawn into this little tableau, you see the woman crying uncontrollably and hear her sobbingly plead: "Please don't do that, don't send me back to prison, I just got out!" As you leave the store having purchased your few grocery items, you see a police cruiser parked in front of the entrance to the store but no policeman, no security guards, and no woman are in sight.
Going down on one knee, he popped the question, 'Will you marry me?' To this, Dela Torre sobbingly whispered, 'Yes' before being embraced by her now-fiance.