sobadores (sōˈ·bä·dōˑ·res),

n in Cur-anderismo, the Mexican-American healing system, healers who work on the material level and specialize in the treatment of tense muscles and sprains.
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94 people including training health workers, health leaders, traditional scientists to implement the Health Model Mayangna Indian doctors, Shaman, Therapists, sobadores, Midwives, etc.
This paper examines how Mexican American sobadores (folk manual therapist) provide needed health services to South Texas residents.
The Central American community has its own folk healers (for example, curanderos, sobadores, parcheros, and hierbistas), but this community has also been open to ethnomedical approaches stemming from other Latino cultural groups.
Sobadores, hierbistas, and parcheros are also folk healers; however, they generally are not consulted for ailments believed to be caused by spiritual imbalances.
They can be yerberos (herbalists), sobadores (massage specialists), hueseros (manipulators similar to chiropractors), curanderos (spiritual healers), or some combination thereof.