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Shortness of breath. See Dyspnea.
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LADIES NIGHT Lana Pheutan, Claire Docherty, Niamh Kinane, Becky Niven, Mhairi McCall and Sarah Dingwall in Calum Ferguson and Lewis Lauder's Sob Story
A YEAR AND A HALF AGO, SOB X RBE was performing at the Boys & Girls Club in North Vallejo.
Transmitted and not transmitted information was stored in the GPS memory (SoB data set), to be available when the collar was recovered.
O trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar variacoes no crescimento, na particao de assimilados e na producao de frutos de melao, tipo Amarelo 'Gold Mine' sob cultivos sombreados por diferentes malhas.
Carly swaps sob stories with Carly swaps sob stories with |Leyla after sleeping in her van
SDB in midpregnancy was significantly associated with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, while having SOB in both early and midpregnncy was significantly associated with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).
Phosphorous fixation is a matter of great concern in soils of Pakistan due to alkalinity and calcareousness (Sharif et al.2000).Elemental S is a fundamental substrate for sulfur oxidizing bacteria (SOB) which oxidizes to sulfates duringoxidation process (Pokorna et al.
(2012), avaliando o desenvolvimento de mudas de guavira, somente em ambientes protegidos, observaram maior massa seca e altura de plantas naquelas desenvolvidas sob tela preta em comparacao com tela termorrefletora, com 50% de sombreamento.
The locomotives will bolster SOB's fleet, operating on its rail network from the middle of 2014.
--Ponto 1--Cultivo de hortalicas folhosas - CH: APP da margem esquerda do Ribeirao do Gama, no NRVB, localizado nas coordenadas UTM (Fuso 23 S) 186.911 m e 8.238.705 m, com cultivo de hortalicas folhosas sob sistema intensivo de manejo, desde 1980.
He also praised SOB President, Shaikh Daij bin Khalifa Al Khalifa for his dynamic leadership and vision to the welfare of the disabled people in our Kingdom.
X Factor wannabes have been warned that judges are tiring of "sob stories" and cliched claims about their dreams of stardom.