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catarrhal discharge from the nasal mucous membrane in congenital syphilis in infants.
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Obstructed nasal respiration, especially in the newborn infant, sometimes due to congenital syphilis.
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Pediatrics Noisy breathing through a partially obstructed nasopharynx, accompanied by profuse, mucopurulent and hemorrhagic nasal discharge containing viable Treponema pallidum; snuffles may be seen in infants with early congenital syphilis manifest as syphilitic rhinitis; snuffles have also been described with trisomy 21–Down syndrome. See Congenital syphilis.
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Obstructed nasal respiration, especially in the newborn infant, sometimes due to congenital syphilis.
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Patient discussion about snuffles

Q. When you get sick (runny nose, cold, cough) do you still workout?

A. Hmm, depending on how sick I am, I will usually just workout anyway. I feel it mentally helps me.

Q. I got runny nose every morning and in the evening. Never had this problem before. Worst still is gardening. Why why why?

A. I have Janet Craig, and Corn plan Draceanas, Spider Plants, Chinese Evergreen, Weeping Fig, Pothos,and Peace Lilly; plus others. The largest are the Draceanas and those named are supposed to be among the best at cleaning toxins from the air. They Rubber Plants are a good choice but I'm running out of room! Jade may want some company!

Q. When seasons change , a lot of people suffer of runny nose and other common allergy symptoms , why is it always like that when seasons change ?

A. Seasonal changes tend to cause a lot of allergic reactions, and that is a known fact with no known mechanism. It is thought that perhaps the more atopic (bound to have allergies) people are, and with an atopic family histroy, they will develope more allergies during seasonal changes. One theory is that the environmental allergens, such as flower seeds or particles, tend to be in a higher shift and so they are more "in the air". Others believe it has to do with viral infections.

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