snub-nose dwarfism

snub-·nose dwarf·ism

dwarfism characterized by low birth weight, snub-nose, and stocky build; autosomal dominant inheritance. There is a similar autosomal recessive phenotype [MIM*223600].
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E. Leopold, French endocrinologist, 1868-1933.
dominantly inherited Lévi disease - dominantly inherited dwarfism characterized by low birth weight, snub nose, and stocky build. Synonym(s): snub-nose dwarfism
Lorain-Lévi dwarfism - see under Lorain
Lorain-Lévi infantilism - Synonym(s): Lorain-Lévi dwarfism
Lorain-Lévi syndrome - Synonym(s): Lorain-Lévi dwarfism
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