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The ‘standard’ method for consuming cocaine and pulverised opiates
Method Powder is placed in a spoon or on a horizontal surface, one nostril is held closed and the cocaine is ‘sniffed’, often with a drinking straw
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Substance abuse A popular method for consuming cocaine and opiates–one nostril is held closed, the other inhales pulverized cocaine. See Cocaine, Crack.
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The middle school sent out letters to all parents of students telling them about the trend, and warning that snorting Smarties could cause nasal problems, lung irritation, allergic reactions and possible infestations of nasal maggots.
A senior police official on Sunday said pressurised liquid gas used in filling a lighter got accumulated in the car when the two men were snorting it to get intoxicated.
Surprisingly, snorting does not always occur because a deer detects the presence of a human.
The mother-of-four was filmed snorting cocaine in the bathroom of her detached home in Wilmslow.
He described mixing the cremated remains with cocaine and snorting them during a drugs bender.
"To make the fluid move up his nose, he uses the pressure (force applied over an area) of snorting," says Summers.
COVENTRY-based charity Baby Lifeline is standing by its soap star patron Jimmi Harkishin after claims he was seen snorting cocaine.
The TV favourite's future was in doubt after a Sunday newspaper printed pictures alleging to show the 45-year-old actor snorting cocaine.
The day after she first smoked heroin, Judy found herself snorting white lines of the drug with her boyfriend.
whatever, so we finally make it out of the van, and the dude is still trying to fight and I'm pissing him off by making snorting noises and snorting an imaginary line out of the air.