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The ‘standard’ method for consuming cocaine and pulverised opiates
Method Powder is placed in a spoon or on a horizontal surface, one nostril is held closed and the cocaine is ‘sniffed’, often with a drinking straw


Substance abuse A popular method for consuming cocaine and opiates–one nostril is held closed, the other inhales pulverized cocaine. See Cocaine, Crack.
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He then made pig snorting noises towards him each time he saw him.
Following an incident when he was watering flowers at the hotel and he could hear the defendant snorting loudly towards him, he decided to report the matter to the police.
Cardiff-born Pritchard, who has built up a cult following around the world thanks to his daredevil stunts on Dirty Sanchez, yesterday claimed he was snorting Rennie and his tweet referred to loud music he had been playing on board.
The doe then broke away from the bucks and ran hard, snorting in frustration all the way.
The News of the World published pictures yesterday of Mr Harkishin allegedly snorting cocaine at the home of an ex-lover.
She later became pregnant and quit using cocaine, but by 1996 she had resumed snorting 1.
But what may seem ridiculously funny really isn't, and it's caught the attention of some famous faces, including Ellen DeGeneres, who are imploring kids to stop snorting condoms simply for the attention and YouTube hits.
The advice we give for cocaine is to spray level surfaces with WD-40 which prevents them from snorting it off these surfaces,' he added.
Experts warned that sharing snorting tools such as rolled-up banknotes, which can cause cuts in the nasal passage, is dangerous.
The Irish Blood Transfusion Service and the Dublin Aids Alliance have this week warned of the risk from sharing snorting tools.
Although the health risks of sharing needles and other injecting equipment are well known, many drug-users could be unwittingly putting themselves at risk because they are unaware of the dangers of snorting.