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Stay yet a while," said the Selectman, as Hutchinson again snatched the pen; "for if ever mortal man received a warning from a tormented soul, your Honor is that man
As the fellow went down I snatched his sword from him and over his prostrate body looked into the eyes of the one whose quick hand had saved me from the first cut of his sword--it was Phaidor, daughter of Matai Shang.
He snatched up her bundle of blankets, and outside the cabin door his own as well.
Quickly she snatched the blanket from before the infant's face; Anderssen was looking at her as she did so.
Finally, with a little whine, he laid three down with trembling fingers and snatched at the three which Trent handed him.
Only the spiritually conscientious one had not been caught: he at once snatched the harp from the magician and called out: "Air
They're not here," she said, shutting the drawer; but from that action he saw he had guessed right, and roughly pushing away her hand, he quickly snatched a portfolio in which he knew she used to put her most important papers.
A fiend had snatched from me every hope of future happiness; no creature had ever been so miserable as I was; so frightful an event is single in the history of man.
According to them, the armed bandits snatched away bike No FDL-1840 from Iftikhar Ahmad of Kotli Ameer Singh and cash amount of Rs38000 from Ghulam Sarwar, Rs19000 from Mudassar Naeem and snatched away small cash and cell phones from over a dozen villagers.
QUETTA -- Some unknown dacoits snatched motorcycle at gunpoint in the area of Eastern bypass on Wednesday.
ISLAMABAD, January 18, 2012 (Balochistan Times): Shehzad town police have arrested six dacoits involved in various dacoities and snatching cars at gun point besides recovering three pistols, looted items worth hundreds of thousands of rupees and snatched car from their possession, a police spokesman said on Tuesday.
Raiders broke into a house in Moorhill Road on Saturday and snatched jewellery worth Pounds 5,000.