snapping hip

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snap·ping hip

a condition in which the fascia lata or gluteus maximus muscle under tension, moving over the greater trochanter of the proximal end of the femur or the iliopsoas tendon moves over the lesser trochanter and causes a click.
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snapping hip

A slipping of the soft tissue around the hip joint, producing an palpable snapping sensation or audible snapping sound. Snapping hip syndrome may be caused by internal, external, or intra-articular factors. Synonym: coxa saltans.

external snapping hip

A popping sound heard and felt at the hip joint. It is usually caused by the iliotibial tract or the anterior border of the gluteus maximus passing over the greater trochanter as the hip moves from extension to flexion.

internal snapping hip

A popping sound heard and felt at the hip joint. It is usually produced by the iliopsoas tendon passing over the iliopectineal eminence as the hip moves from flexion to extension. The iliopsoas bursa may also be implicated in cases of internal snapping hip syndromes.

intra-articular snapping hip

Snapping hip syndrome caused by an intra-articular lesion, including loose bodies within the joint space or folds in the synovial capsule. Labral tears may also be implicated but tend to produce significant pain.
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The combination of snapping hip syndrome and iliopsoas tendon impingement after total hip arthroplasty is rare.
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"We see a lot of external snapping hips." Internal snapping hip injuries are less common, but can occur when the dancer is in a non-weight bearing position.
In contrast, deep bursitis can occur from repetitive movements like passes that cause the snapping hip syndrome.
Internal snapping hip, or internal coxa saltans, results from snapping of the iliopsoas tendon over prominent anterior structures, often the iliopectineal eminence.
They included snapping hip syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, and stress-induced hair loss.
(2) Coxa Saltans, or snapping hip syndrome is an entity that describes an audible and/or palpable snap about the hip that is sometimes accompanied by pain.
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