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1. Posttranslational modification of proteins, particularly secretory proteins and proteins targeted for membranes or specific cellular locations. Synonym(s): trafficking
2. Posttranscriptional modification of polynucleic acids.


The process of having proteins contain certain signals such that the proteins are directed specifically towards certain cellular locations, for example, the lysosome. Compare: processing.


see homing.
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Since the start of November, the GDN has reported on eight different court cases involving 11 Pakistanis accused of smuggling or possessing narcotics.
The LCCI President demanded of the government to review Afghan Transit Trade agreement as it has become the main source of smuggling into Pakistan.
Moreover, it provides any person, natural or juridical, found guilty of engaging in agricultural smuggling or technical smuggling therefor, of a minimum aggregate amount of P1 million worth of agricultural products subject to economic sabotage as defined herein, except rice, or has been found guilty of engaging in agricultural smuggling of rice, or technical smuggling thereof, with a minimum aggregate amount of P10 million as valued by the Bureau of Customs (BOC), utilizing methods of value verification by the BOC, shall be guilty of economic sabotage.
Tobacco: The customs centres in Abu Dhabi recorded 570 tobacco smuggling attempts, which included eight cases of cigarette smuggling and 562 for tobacco.
Khalil said that since 2014 the Finance Ministry has adopted a strategy aimed at cracking down on the smuggling of products to Lebanon.
Much smuggling occurs when enterprising merchants attempt to supply demand for a good or service that is illegal or heavily taxed.
The smuggling of diesel from Syria increased with the start of the civil war in the country.
The new legislation will consider smuggling to be trafficking, and therefore a crime of moral turpitude," said Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb in a Sunday press statement.
Hipolito Acosta oversaw high-profile investigations and successful undercover missions involving human smuggling operations in Central America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East during his 30 years in immigration enforcement.
The total number of customs cases stood at (211), including (50) tobacco smuggling cases and (30) petroleum derivatives smuggling cases, (68) fish smuggling cases, (25) vehicles smuggling, (12) beehives smuggling cases, (2) cases of smuggling liquor and one case of smuggling of animal feeds.
Fadi Faisal Moussa, a Lebanese national, has confessed to his participation, along with a group, in smuggling weapons from Wadi Khaled area in Lebanon to Tal Kalakh in Syria in coordination with another Lebanese man in Wadi Khalid.
He claimed selected officers of the Interior Ministry fabricated the case on fuel smuggling against him.