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Any of these smoothing items can also be used to round and smooth edges when working with slabs.
com)-- The new hair smoothing and hair rejuvenation products created by Peter Coppola will be unveiled at the 2013 Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event.
The initial works in the smoothing literature focused on detecting smoothing.
WHAT'S INVOLVED: Smoothing serum is applied to damp hair.
GET THE LOOK While hair is still damp, work in some smoothing gel.
They explain, "What interests us in operations of striation and smoothing are precisely the passages or combinations: how the forces at work within space continually striate it, and how in the course of its striation it develops other forces and emits new smooth spaces.
Smoothing decreases the random variation associated with small case numbers and small populations, enabling disease gradients or holes to be observed that may not be apparent with raw data (20,26,27).
Quickly pour semisweet chocolate over top of cake smoothing with a spatula and letting some of it run down sides.
One effective forecasting technique to consider is the exponential smoothing model.
Solitary waves arise in materials only when sharpening and smoothing effects balance, but air lacks a smoothing influence, Sugimoto explains.