smooth tongue

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atrophic glossitis

Complete atrophy of lingual papillae, seen in pernicious or iron-deficiency anaemias, pellagra (bald tongue of Sandwith) and syphilis. The condition is more common in alcoholics and linked to poor nutrition.

Clinical findings
Pain, burning, beefy colour of the tongue.

smooth tongue

A tongue with atrophic papillae. It is characteristic of many conditions, such as anemia and malnutrition.
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a·troph·ic glos·si·tis

(ă-trō'fik glos-ītis)
Erythematous, edematous, and painful tongue condition that appears smooth because of loss of the filiform and sometimes the fungiform papillae due to nutritional deficiencies.
Synonym(s): smooth tongue.


absence of roughness.

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see endoplasmic reticulum.
smooth gousiektebossie
[Af.] pachystigmathamnus.
smooth mouth
said of a horse's dentition when the molars are worn so that dentine and enamel are evenly worn and the tables are completely smooth and have lost their triturating capacity.
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smooth tongue
a congenital defect in cattle characterized by the absence of papillae on the dorsum of the tongue, hypersalivation, poor haircoat and illthrift. Called also epitheliogenesis imperfecta lingua bovis.
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