smooth surface caries

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smooth sur·face car·ies

caries initiated on the smooth surfaces of teeth.
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smooth sur·face ca·ries

(smūdh sŭrfăs karēz)
Caries initiated on smooth surfaces of teeth.
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* Any sign of smooth surface caries in a child < 3 y.o.
The panel recommended establishing priorities on the basis of eruptive patterns, control of smooth surface caries through the use of fluorides, known population groups with special needs, and those without access to restorative dental care.[7] The American Dental Association recommends sealants for all children, even those who receive topical applications of fluoride or who live in communities with fluoridated water.[5]
DIAGNOdent (DD) [Kavo, Germany] device utilizes LASER Fluorescence Measurement method with a 655 nm diode laser that is capable of detecting non-cavitated, occlusal pit-and-fissure caries as well as smooth surface caries at the earliest possible stage.19 Unlike the QLF system, the DD does not produce an image of the tooth; instead it displays a numerical value on two LED displays.11 It has a pen hand-piece that is suitable for diagnosis of dental caries without radiographs, and any mechanical damage to the tissues (Fig 1b).