smooth surface

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smooth sur·face

(smūdh sŭrfăs)
Proximal, buccal, and lingual areas of teeth.
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NORD Smooth Surface Motors are readily available and configurable with the NORDBLOC.
The HMT Series Smooth Surface Motors are supplied with NORD's NSDtupH Sealed Surface Conversion System, and they can be offered as part of a range of integral gear-motor or motorized reducer solutions complete with NSDtupH.
somebody, early on, thought it was "natural" that a smooth surface would give better airflow and hence less resistance/better performance, everyone agreed and nobody since has bothered to prove or disprove the statement;
Supplies: clean, metal bottle caps (at least 10) magnet (any shape) smooth surface such as a picnic table paper and pencil Number of Players: One or more How To Collect Bottle Caps: 1.
The patent covers the following steps: forming a billet having a continuous and smooth surface comprised of an extruded cleansing base, placing one or more inclusion masses on the continuous and smooth surface of the billet to form an inclusion bearing billet; stamping the inclusion bearing billet in a direction perpendicular to the surface on which the inclusion mass is placed to embed the inclusion mass or masses into a surface layer of the billet to form a personal washing bar having one or more visually distinct surface inclusions.
The smooth surface exhibits more cell proliferate and produces less adhering pseudopodia, thus promotes their own proliferation.
IdeaPaint, with company locations in Boston and San Francisco, transforms almost any smooth surface into a high-performance dry-erase board--without seams, borders, or restrictions on size or placement.
3 : having a broad smooth surface and little thickness <A CD is flat.
A second narrow end is adapted to cover the "crotch" portion of the garment and has a first generally smooth surface and a second opposed generally smooth surface.
Lyndex-Nikken's new high performance VC Toolholder, operating at up to 40,000rpm, offers the ultimate in high speed, high accuracy and ultra smooth surface finishes.
Their fine pitch enables aggressive metal removal and results in smooth surface finishes.
You will need: An old CD, bottle top from a sports drink, glue, balloon, smooth surface.