smooth surface

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smooth sur·face

(smūdh sŭrfăs)
Proximal, buccal, and lingual areas of teeth.
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NORD Smooth Surface Motors are readily available and configurable with the NORDBLOC.1 Series Helical-Inline, 93.1 Series (2-Stage) Helical-Bevel and the SMI Series Worm gear units.
Featuring a flat, smooth surface, the display pallets allow for easy set up in a warehouse or co-packing facility.
Some improve the conditions of boiling in relation to the smooth surface, while others might produce the opposite effect.
It appears that in the case of first order differential operator with constant coefficients in direction v [member of] [R.sup.n] we can obtain such a S if a compact set K contains a suitable smooth surface and it is so that the intersection {tv + x : t [member of] R} [intersection] K is a closed interval or a single point for all x [member of] K (v-normal sets with a smooth surface defined in 2.2).
They have the ability to walk upside down on a smooth surface. And they keep their footing even when carrying more than 100 times their weight!
For more than a century, golf balls have been made with dimpled surfaces, because the dimples give better lift and distance than a ball with a smooth surface. So why don't all aircraft have similarly dimpled wings and bodies?
What a pity then that the council decided that it would be better to lay the tarmacadum in lumps on the smooth surface of Birkby Road and Birkby Hall Road.
It is applied when hot and cools to provide a smooth surface and improved skid resistance.
Supplies: clean, metal bottle caps (at least 10) magnet (any shape) smooth surface such as a picnic table paper and pencil Number of Players: One or more How To Collect Bottle Caps: 1.
The stress fields in the specimen with real surface roughness and with integrated values of residual stresses experimentally measured using the X-ray diffraction are compared with the stress field in a specimen with ideally smooth surface.
The patent covers the following steps: forming a billet having a continuous and smooth surface comprised of an extruded cleansing base, placing one or more inclusion masses on the continuous and smooth surface of the billet to form an inclusion bearing billet; stamping the inclusion bearing billet in a direction perpendicular to the surface on which the inclusion mass is placed to embed the inclusion mass or masses into a surface layer of the billet to form a personal washing bar having one or more visually distinct surface inclusions.