smoking cessation

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smoking cessation

Public health Temporary or permanent halting of habitual cigarette smoking; withdrawal therapies–eg, hypnosis, psychotherapy, group counseling, exposing smokers to Pts with terminal lung CA and nicotine chewing gum are often ineffective. See CASS, COPD, Emphysema, Nicotine replacement therapy, Passive smoking, Smokeless tobacco.

Patient discussion about smoking cessation

Q. I may be healthier now, but miserable… I’ve not been smoking for a whole month (my longest period in the last decade), and I do feel a bit better physically, but it seems that I lost the joy of life – I don’t go out with my friends any more (because they’re all smokers), I envy other smokers, and generally I feel nervous and dull. Will it be like that forever or is there hope?

A. Well, try to think about what are you missing? The foul smell? The yellow teeth? The feeling of suffocating next morning? Whenever you feel longing to cigarettes, try to think again why you stopped smoking- and it’d help you to keep with it.

Q. Does the risk for lung cancer remain the same after I stop smoking? I'm 55 years old woman and have been smoking since age 20 one pack a day. Fortunately, after numerous failures I succeeded to stop smoking 5 years ago. I'm happy and feel much better now, but I'm still worried about the possibility of lung cancer- I know that smoking cause lung cancer, but after I've stopped smoking, am I still at risk to have cancer?

A. i quit smoking 11yrs ago and for the first five or six yrs everthing i did inprove with regards to not smoking i was doing more walking working and not getting out of breath ,but lately there has been a another down spell where lately almost everything i do i get out of breath. i have been under alot of stress the past couple of yrs. but why is this happening now aftr 11 yrsof not smoking?

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