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A US Army code name for the test detonation of a thermonuclear device in August 1957 during Operation Plumbbob; the soldiers who were intentionally exposed to radioactive fallout later had an increased risk of leukaemia
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On the contrary to the behaviour observed at small rotation speeds, smokiness observed when the engine was fuelled with multi-component fuel exceeded smokiness in the case of pure RME.
It's also an ideal cooking ingredient, infusing a dish with smokiness and sealing it with an exotic kiss.
A well cooked chicken Jaipur had light tandoor smokiness and a wholesome Punjabi sauce.
These self-incinerating kilns harden the clay and temper it with a slight smokiness.
--Orange peel and natural wood: The smokiness of wood and the tanginess of orange peel create a unique taste sensation.
Fire-roasting adds intense character and a subtle smokiness to the artichokes.
Without peat to fuel the malt-drying fires prior to fermentation, master distillers attempted to approximate that characteristic smokiness by aging their "white-dog" (clear, unaged whiskey) in new, white oak barrels whose insides had been charred.
Use her Southwestern Chipotle to infuse your pasta or mashed potatoes with a spicy smokiness. Try her versatile Lemon Herb Peppercorn on your rice or couscous.
The result is that tea adds a subtle yet distinctive edge to every dish on the menu." Wemischner and Rosen also point to the value of smoked teas, such as Russian Caravan or Lapsang Souchong, noting they "lend a deep, dark smokiness to poultry and seafood" and "infuse foods with a smoky quality."
You can find the recipes on the Kettle Chips website:, allowing you to temper the heat of Kettle Chips Sweet Chilli with the cool, contrasting flavour of Peter Gordon's Mango, Coconut & CrAme Fra'che Dip to enhance the warm smokiness of Kettle Chips, or Japanese Teriyaki with Peter Gordon's fresh Cucumber, Wasabi & Ginger Dip.
A gorgeously glowing pink mist drifts over the hill under a gray and yellow sky whose soft smokiness is abruptly cut off by a razor-sharp horizon line.