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A person who smokes tobacco, almost always understood to be cigarettes Ratio of ♂:♀ smokers Philippines64/19, China61/7, Saudi Arabia53/2, Russia50/12, Argentina45/30, US28/23 Physician smokers Canada, UK, US, < 10% of physicians smoke; China, 67.5% of ♂ physicians smoke. See Former smoker, Nonsmoker.

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Q. what is it a passive smoking? and is it bad as as the active smoking? can i get cancer from it?

A. Passive smoking is the involuntary exposure of nonsmokers to tobacco smoke from the smoking of others. It is considered dangerous, and cause increased risk of cancer, although to a lesser degree than active smoking.

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On the other hand, African smokers demonstrated a higher APO A1level in comparison to the non smoker.
Smokers harm others as well as themselves through secondhand smoke.
It ignores the reality that long-time smokers who finally stop are unlikely to suddenly exclaim "egad .
However,it may appear,and is often the case, that smokers are taking longer and more frequent breaks than non- smokers.
the study finds, unhappiness among potential smokers (the data didn't allow assessment of actual smokers, so the economists had to profile) declines by 0.
The Newport smoker, on the other hand, may tend to be less influenced by advertising and what the crowd does.
Cigar smokers also face higher death rates from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and are particularly at risk from laryngeal, oral and esophagal cancers (death rates equal those of cigarette smokers, according to the American Cancer Society).
The studies on ECG changes in young smokers have been conflicting and are in need of further study.
Before the 12-month duration of the study, all participants, 131 smokers and 120 non-smokers, were all unemployed in order to establish a baseline for the study.
Aims & Objectives: To find out age-wise Hb, BP, leucocyte (total/ differential) count, monocyte count, and eosinophil count in smokers.
uA Banner Life: Applicants could be considered a standard smoker with occasional use.
1,2) It is important for those trying to encourage smokers to quit to recognize how beliefs about recovery may differ between smokers and non-smokers.