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A type of body piercing in the oral mucosa between the upper teeth and lip
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Weiland, Golden, Smiley, Wang Ekvall & Strok LLP is uniquely qualified to represent debtors, creditors, creditors' committees, trustees, asset purchasers and other parties in bankruptcy cases, receiverships, private workouts and settlement negotiations.
Smiley simply lived above his means in all aspects of his life.
Smiley and his show, "Tavis Smiley," were suspended by PBS indefinitely after the network received information regarding the host's sexual misconduct.
They also found that when the gender of the e-mail writer was unknown and included a smiley, then the recipients were more likely to assume that the e-mail was sent by a woman.
Walmart store associates were "really excited" upon being informed about the plan to bring Smiley back to the company's advertising, Rogers said.
Smiley makes every effort to produce high quality "Snaps" that are geared at getting the message out in a clear and effective manner.
Presently, Smiley serves as senior vice president, finance and controller and chief financial officer for Lilly Research Laboratories.
He's been cutting a smiley face into the mountain for the past five years now," Mavis said.
When Taylor asked him why he continued with the scheme when it wasn't working, Smiley said it was bad for a banker to have trouble with his personal finances.
The first time we met, we just hit it off magically," says Smiley of the Grammy winning singer-songwriter.
Ruth's Spontaneous Smiley movement grew and now includes a book for children, a blog, and a website with a wonderful gallery, along with tips on how to spread kindness and compassion.
The response to that question was met with a touch of gallows humor among the staff of The Smiley Group Inc.