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The 24-year-old back-up dancer looked like the cat that cream as he boarded the vessel, looking around the new digs with a smile upon his face.
"How beautiful is it to show your morals and sprinkle a smile upon your face, even when you are seen as a mysterious stranger.
Such antics, more characteristic of Al Diego's playing days -- when he himself turned England around in 1986 within just four minutes -- buried memories of a dull one-all draw and left fans retreating with a silly smile upon their faces.
You will hit the road at sunup with a smile upon your face
Starting from June, the unmistakable orange-coloured truck will be traveling all around Bulgaria trying to quite literally put a smile upon less fortunate children's faces.
In addition, the pack features the band's first hit 'Yellow' and 'God Put a Smile Upon Your Face'.
That's why Cleveland is such a special place, It's different and unique and brings a smile upon your face.
Meanwhile, Koizumi greeted reporters with a smile upon arrival at the Prime Minister's Official Residence, saying of the birth, ''That's good news.''
The commitment and individuality of the five dancers, the sly visual riddles, and the sense of playfulness and predicament in equal quantities conspired to keep a smile upon one's lips.
Everything is good And brown On I'm here again With a sunshine smile upon my face My friends Are close at hand And all my inhibitions Have disappeared without a trace I'm glad I found Somebody who I can rely on.
It's sad to think that he will not be afforded the opportunity to add to a piece of work likely to position itself highly among cricket's burgeoning literary ranks, although one fancies he will continue to smile upon cricketing eccentricity wherever it may appear.
One cannnot help but smile upon reading, "New Orleans city officials, acknowledging their belief that sins of the flesh were inevitable, looked Satan in the eye, cut a deal, and gave him his own address." (106).