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Her poems appear in 32 Poems, Smartish Pace, The Hopkins Review, Birmingham Poetry Review, Ploughshares, and elsewhere.
One thing that gave us City supporters a scare was when Oggy decided to go walkabout only to have to scamper back pretty smartish.
It's no mean feat turning a slightly down-atheel, but very popular local in Pontcanna into a smartish pub plus eaterie with minimalist, light-tone dcor.
There are some of us, chums, who recall what happened before when big business came to Bonny Scotchland with its promises, I give you Motorola et al, and then left smartish having pocketed large wads of taxpayers' cash.
Smartish togs on - but with sensible shoes as we were walking the mile and a half to the pub from chez nous (and wanted to sample the beer
I understand that you are interested in a smartish 2-bed place in the city.
Apart from finding the remote control pretty smartish.
There is a big arb on shirts which is sure to be closed up smartish first thing.
Mike German - Lib-Dem: Rather reminiscent of an old school geography teacher his dress code is smartish if not very adventurous.
And although the America pulls up pretty smartish, anyone riding with two fingers round the twistgrip and two on the brake will end up with crushed knuckles when things get hectic.
If he's looking for a puffed-up, self-important Scottish institution just begging for the kind of verbal Glasgow kiss Rab was famous for, he should get the TV gang through to the circus on the Mound smartish.