smart drug

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smart drug

Any of a variety of substances, including certain vitamins, herbs, and prescription drugs, reputed to improve such mental functions as memory and alertness or to lessen or prevent damage to brain cells.
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adjective Referring to a nootropic agent.
noun Any agent—drug, functional food, nutraceutical or nutritional supplement—which is thought to improve mental function, including attention, cognition, concentration, memory or motivation, allegedly by increasing the availability of neurotransmitters, enzymes or hormones, and by increasing O2 delivery or stimulating neural activity.

There is little clinical evidence that most agents advertised as nootropics actually work as advertised.
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The Boston, Massachusetts location of Smart Drug Testing is a state of the art facility, located at 240 Commercial St, suite 3A Boston MA 02109 and will provide additional drug testing services for employers and individuals including USCG and DOT drug testing, court ordered drug Testing, DOT consortium enrollment, employer drug policy development, background checks and drug testing training programs.
Many of these drugs and substances are taken without any knowledge of side effects and without any evidence of efficacy, but recently researchers at Harvard and Oxford Universities have published the first review on Modafinil in which they imply that this is the first 'safe' smart drug. Modafinil is a POM medicine marketed under the trade name Provigil in the U.S.
ISLAMABAD -- Academic researchers in Iran succeeded in the synthesis of a type of smart drug delivery system that is used in the treatment of leukemia.
By engineering at the molecular level, we hope to develop materials for healthcare, bio-electronics and chemical computing, and also to design artificial cells for chemical manufacture, intelligent sensing and smart drug delivery.
Synopsis: A team of scientists has invented a new smart drug named Trillium.
"We can provide revolutionary nanoparticle-based assays with higher performance to propel the growth of smart drug delivery, improved bio sensors and bio-nano biological material."
Eveon and CEA-Leti has unveiled liquid-pumping for smart drug delivery in the bolus mode using a silicon-based micro-pump fabricated with a standard MEMS process.
"But what we've found also holds promise for smart drug delivery targeting cancer or other diseases," the researcher said.
Many smart drug candidates use monoclonal antibodies from mice as their targeting agent.
Patients given the new type of "smart drug" called Gemtuzumab Ozogamicin (GO) as well as chemotherapy were 22% less likely to relapse and around 13% less likely to die from their disease.
The smart drug not only prevents the spread of breast cancer but its side effects are much less severe, experts at the American Society for Clinical Oncology heard.
The smart drug not only prevents the spread of the cancer but its side effects are much less severe, experts at the American Society for Clinical Oncology have been told.