smart drug

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smart drug

Any of a variety of substances, including certain vitamins, herbs, and prescription drugs, reputed to improve such mental functions as memory and alertness or to lessen or prevent damage to brain cells.


adjective Referring to a nootropic agent.
noun Any agent—drug, functional food, nutraceutical or nutritional supplement—which is thought to improve mental function, including attention, cognition, concentration, memory or motivation, allegedly by increasing the availability of neurotransmitters, enzymes or hormones, and by increasing O2 delivery or stimulating neural activity.

There is little clinical evidence that most agents advertised as nootropics actually work as advertised.
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So when he's offered a smart drug that will unlock his full brain capacity and allow him to become the perfect version of himself, he willingly swallows it.
It was his long-held belief that an intelligent, targeted drug could block tumor production that led to the development and approval of the first smart drug for breast cancer in 1998.
This year saw smart drug packs with printed sensors and sometimes printed batteries, Harrop says.
In addition, smart drug users have all kinds of ways of foiling the test, from the herb goldenseal (available in health food stores) to vials of drug-free, battery-warmed urine (available on the Web).
Piracetam is also another commonly used smart drug.
Some smart drugs are available by prescription, but in many cities in the United States others can be purchased in smart drug bars.
That mechanism probably holds less appeal for scientists and investors, who are looking for a smart drug that does one thing and one thing only It may be that many different oligonucleotides act in the same way.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Academic researchers in Iran succeeded in the synthesis of a type of smart drug delivery system that is used in the treatment of leukemia.
PKC is an early-stage high technology medical device company that aims to optimize healing of the human body through proprietary local Smart Drug Delivery Systems(TM) (SDDS) and associated advanced devices to measure biological responses.
Among different purposes of misuse, methylphenidate is popular among high school and college students as a so-called smart drug, used to enhance academic performance.
Crospon was awarded the Connaught Business Achievers Award for 2008 in the "Ones to Watch" category and the company's Smart Drug Delivery Patch in conjunction with HP was listed in Popular Science's magazines annual "Best of What's New" for 2008.
Smart drug traffickers try not to draw attention to themselves, lawmen say.