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Angiogenic T-cells and putative endothelial progenitor cells in hypertension-related cerebral small vessel disease.
Lesions of corpus callosum are rarely seen in a narrow variety of small vessel diseases.
Our TAXUS Express Atom Stent addresses an unmet need and will help interventional cardiologists better treat small vessel disease," said Jim Tobin, president and CEO of Boston Scientific.
Pathologically, the white matter lesions are a combination of lacunar infarcts, demyelination, and gliosis; all are due to small vessel disease and decreased blood flow and tissue perfusion.
Another study showing the efficacy of DEB for Small Vessel Disease (SVD) showed a binary restenosis rate of just 5.
Together these data suggest that a substantial portion of older people have brain tissue damage and small vessel disease that are unlikely to be detected before death and suggest that cerebrovascular disease may be an even larger public health challenge than currently estimated," wrote Dr.
In a subgroup analysis, B vitamins were shown to possibly reduce the risk of stroke, myocardial infarction, or vascular death in patients with symptomatic small vessel disease of the brain causing lacunar infarction or intracerebral hemorrhage-a reduction that has also been suggested by other investigators who have reported that homocysteine is a risk factor for cerebral small vessel disease, they noted.
The thought is that high levels of glucose (in patients with diabetes) can lead to small vessel disease," Dr.
The white matter hyperintensities, also known as leukoaraiosis, are thought to be a consequence of cerebral small vessel disease.
Many types of patients have small vessel disease, including women and those with certain other medical conditions.

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