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A preferred term for a person of diminutive size resulting from dwarfism or of various causes
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Parenting: the act of threatening a small person Hey drink you don't need an umbrella you're a drink.
The small person introduces herself as part of a group of ancient people called the "children" who have existed long before the First Men arrived in Westeros.
The incident still pisses me off but I'm a small person so there really isn't much I can do in terms of physical defense.
Small feet have a tendency to trample day-old seedlings, particularly when clad in wellies and attached to a small person wielding a heavy watering can.
It is not giving too much of the plot away to say that there is a whale, a mighty shark, and many fish in this tale of the sea that borrows from Hemingway to pit a small person in a small boat against a large fish on the deep sea.
Well here's a missing small person success story coming straight from the good active Twittizens who sometimes remind us of the utilitarian value of social media.
That's an extra small person, or 55 bags of sugar taken out of the car.
She looked ill, as much as 10 pounds underweight, and she's a small person to begin with," he said.
But that one small person that is before the court.
Matching an attribute rather than a specific image is a big idea for a small person.
I'm here to fight for the people, the small person.
Whether it was trotting out an 80-year-old woman and telling everyone she was the 160-year-old former nurse of George Washington, touring the famed small person General Tom Thumb or promoting the first American tour of the singer Jenny Lind, Barnum knew how to get the buzz going.

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